What people have said about the course

Mindfulness Meditation

‘If you want to try mediation for the first time and are not sure what to expect– then this is surely the course for you!  Penny leads the group in a very gentle unassuming way and quietly invites everyone to join her guidance.

A sample of different meditation practices are explored, all in a quiet, unrushed and calm atmosphere. Everyone is invited to take part as fully as they like.

Throughout there is an emphasis of there being no right or wrong way, but for individuals to do what feels right for them. All in all, it was a great experience and an excellent introduction to meditation. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone feeling in need of relaxation, that life is too hectic or busy, just to find that it is possible to reclaim some inner peace.’

‘Meditation was always something ‘I was going to do’ but didn’t quite know where to start.  This course took away any mystery or feelings that maybe I wasn’t spiritual enough and it made meditation feel very practical and uncomplicated.  Meditation is now something that ‘I am doing’ and I love the serenity and peace it is bringing into my days.’

‘This has been a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a peaceful, revitalising space every week for 8 weeks. It has enabled me to cope better with the pressures that life throws up and to control the wild frivolities that go on in my brain especially in the middle of the night.’

‘During the course I learnt how to still my mind and to become aware of my thoughts.  It has become easier for me to let go of unwanted thoughts.  Meditation has helped reduce my anxiety levels and made me feel calmer. It is a comfort to know there is a safe place that I can retreat to!’

‘Thank you for allowing me this valuable and enjoyable experience which will be of use both personally and professionally.’

‘The Mindful Awareness course which Penny recently held has given me a wonderful new tool for my life-kit.  The body scan meditation in particular is like a half hour holiday.  It calms down the buzz of ‘have-to-do’ lists, allows me to focus on one thing, on something outside the realm of the everyday.  Penny led the course with reassuring expertise, her quiet voice guiding us through various mindful exercises, always bringing us back to the here and now and away from past or future concerns.  After the first session I was already recommending the course to friends – I knew I’d found something special.’

‘I gained valuable tools to enable me to steer myself in a more controlled manner through some of life’s rough water.’

‘Penny facilitates the programme in a way that demonstrates genuine kindness and creates an environment where people feel valued and not judged.  She allows individuals to take their steps towards mindfulness at a pace that suits them.  Amongst the chaos of modern living I have learned to enjoy just ‘being’!’