workshopThe workshops that I run are based on my booklet ‘An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation’ and are adaptable do a wide range of settings: within the NHS, for businesses, within the sports world, within schools etc. A maximum of 20 participants is recommended with a minimum duration of 2 hours.

The workshop will include both formal and informal meditation practices. The content of the session can be tailored to suit the client group. Provision of the booklet and a CD of guided meditations can be provided for each client, there is normally an additional charge for this. These workshops provide a relaxing, inspiring and enjoyable session that is often included as part of a training programme.

“We found our mindfulness session with Penny enormously beneficial. As an extremely busy team, constantly facing demanding deadlines, we found it invaluable to learn about the benefits of taking a moment for calm reflection and focusing on what is important.”

Bournemouth University Legal Team