Artic Foxes

As part of the Exeter University Mindfulness Network I am an approved supervisor for the MBCT/MBSR post-graduate programme and I also offer private supervision.

I am delighted to be in a position to be a supervisor for mindfulness instructors and students.

I am committed to making these sessions as beneficial as possible for you so here are some of the guidelines that I work alongside to give you an idea as to how our sessions together may work out.

These are of course just guidelines and I am keen to work in a way that suit your needs.

Above all I hope to offer you a supportive relationship.

  1. I am willing to work via telephone or face to face at my office in Wimborne.
  2. For telephone consultation I will ask you to ring me at the appointed time.
  3. I will suggest that you email me with an agenda a few days before the session so that I can do any relevant preparation.
  4. I will encourage you to email me after the session to summarise what we have covered as this will be a helpful record for you to refer to. Particular reference being given to any learning and actions points that may have been discussed.  I will then add my own contributions and send it back to you.
  5. Subjects that you may consider helpful to bring to supervision might include:
  • To share what went well in your recent class/classes.
  • To look at an area/areas in which you feel you could improve and consider how you might do this.
  • To look at the teaching points of a particular session/sessions. To tease out the essence of the material.
  • It can be helpful to bring something from your experience of the enquiry section of the session as this is such an important part of the meditation process.
  • To reflect on a member of the group that concerns you.
  • To look at specific aspects of the group process such as holding the group together particularly when there are significant absences or emotional situations, preparing the group for the end of the course.
  • Discussion as to what you may include in a retreat day if you are including one for your participants.
  • To consider aspects your own practice.
  • To suggest resources you may find helpful.
  • To look at any CPD you may find helpful and the retreats you plan to attend. To look at your future plans within the provision of mindfulness practices.

I look forward to hearing from you and do email me in the office for more details.