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The monthly session (excluding July and August) will now be held at the Orangery Suite in Merley where you can enjoy the beauty and peace of the gardens. The sessions are designed to support you if you have an existing meditation practice as well as welcoming you if you are new to meditation.

Meditating within a group setting is often easier than individually at home.

There will be formal meditation sessions held between:

  • 1pm – 3pm
  • 4pm – 6pm
  • 7pm – 9pm

Do join me for a single meditation session or to stay longer and make use of the venue – reading books, writing your journal, chatting with fellow course participants or continuing to meditate.  I will be available for short 1:1 sessions apart from the times of formal meditation.

Drinks and light refreshments will be available – please bring your own snack if you want to stay for longer than a few hours.

Commitment to practice is the most challenging part of meditation and people say that they leave these sessions inspired to continue to develop their practice they also say how they enjoy meditating within a group.

I am excited about the possibilities of this new venture and encourage you to come when you can.

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‘Despite the best intentions my meditation practice often falls by the wayside, and the Monday Meditation sessions are a welcome haven to recharge my resolve, and discuss with like-minded folk why making time for something so beneficial is so difficult!’


‘It is 2 years since I did the Mindfulness course with Penny with impressive results on my blood pressure and how I view life in general. The monthly Monday sessions are a brilliant way to top up my personal practice, getting together with like minded people and meditating is invaluable.’


I approached my first meditation class on 11 February this year with anticipation. On entering the room I found an oasis of calm and immediately felt at ease. Everyone was very friendly and later in the evening chatted and exchanged ideas and thoughts with the lady beside me. My ‘mindfulness course starts in April and I feel that the meditation practice before and after the course will be a great help.  A most beneficial evening and I am looking forward to the session next month.