A considerable part of my work is in offering individual coaching sessions. I hold them at my home in Wimborne and they normally last 90 minutes. You may choose to attend these for any number of reasons.

  • The available courses may not fit in with your diary.
  • You may be doing an online course and find a few sessions of 1:1 guidance beneficial.
  • You may want to learn what mindfulness is all about before committing to the cost or time commitment of the full course.
  • You may want support after the course has finished.

During the session we will meditate together and discuss aspects of mindfulness and the development of your daily practice. You are welcome to email me between sessions should the need arise.


All the flowers, of all the tomorrows,
are in the seeds of today
Indian Proverb


 Although I have done the MBSR course with Penny, and frequently attend her other sessions, my 1:1 sessions with her have been particularly helpful. Our discussions have often led me to a new thought, or given me a tip to deepen my practice, and during a particularly stressful time recently, her mindful help and encouragement have been invaluable.

Having become interested in Mindfulness, I followed the eight week course using the book ‘Mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic word’ by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. I was surprised at the difference that I felt and it was also noticed by my family. I was calmer and more able to cope.

A part of the book had seemed rather difficult to me and it was at this point that I contacted Penny, who had been recommended to me.

Since then, I have had a few one to one sessions with Penny, who is so encouraging and practical. We have talked through any queries that I’ve had and then done some meditations together. This could have felt rather awkward with just the two of us, but Penny puts you at your ease and by the end of the first session, she feels like a friend – a very wise, kind friend.

Meditation is now part of my life and it feels good to know that they are others following the same path and that Penny is always available and willing to help or explain anything. Apart from the one to one sessions, Penny has encouraged me to attend her monthly meditation session and I also went on a Saturday retreat.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Penny to anyone interested in finding out more about meditation.